Best Gym Shorts Round-Up

November 17, 2023
A girl running in Greece on Salt Escapes fitness retreat

It’s a question I get asked so often on retreat, so I thought I’d do a little round-up of my all-time favourite gym shorts. I sometimes look at the glamorous people on their commute to work in the city, all dressed up in their blazers and dresses and heels, and think how nice it would be to dress like that, and then think WHO AM I KIDDING and remember that I get to wake up and throw on activewear and feel comfortable, like ALL THE TIME. I’m not sure I’ve worn anything other than activewear for a good 7 years at this point, so I believe that’s qualification enough to speak on the important issues of camel toe, crotch sweat and scrunch-bum.

To give some context, my workout routine is currently a mix of weights sessions in the gym, running and some conditioning classes, and as someone who travels a lot, I don’t like to own a lot of stuff. So all that being said, I look for gym shorts that are versatile, comfortable and that can keep up with my busy fitness, work and travel schedule.

So here, just in time for Black Friday, and absolutely not #spon in any way, is my favourite gym shorts round-up. Happy shopping! And if I’ve missed mentioning any shorts that you swear by and think I need to know about, share the goods!

Rec Gen Hold Short

Buttery soft, flattering and seamless is my gym short love language. Rec Gen are an Aussie-based functional sports and lifestyle brand, and every piece of their gym-gear is rigorously tested on athletes doing the kind of workouts I love to do. These shorts don’t ride up, don’t show ya crotch sweat, and the colours are fresh and classy. Explore the range here.

The best gym shorts from activewear brand Rec Gen
I'm living in this set and the Aqua set 👌

Lululemon Align

A staple in every girls wardrobe at this point, but still worth a mention in case you’ve been hiding under a rock. I can’t go past a Lulu Align for the gym, for running, for mobility and everything in between. I was going to say I live in these whilst coaching, but I could stop that sentence at “I live in these”. Salt Escapes yoga instructor Beth also swears by Aligns for both teaching and practicing yoga. View the range here.

The best gym shorts from Lululemon
My black Aligns are the most worn item of clothing I own

LNDR The Prodigy Bike Short

A long-time favourite of mine, these LNDR shorts are sculpting, squat-proof and sweat-resistant. I have done many, many high-intensity workouts in these shorts, and they stand the test of time. I love their subtle colours, and their no-fuss approach to activewear, and think they’re absolutely worth the investment. Take a look here.

The best gym shorts round up from LNDR
Soo smooth, so sculpting!

Gymshark Vital Seamless

I’ve found some of the Gymshark ranges to be hit and miss, but I do love a pair of Vital Seamless. The colour range is great, they’re SEAMLESS and in a world where activewear prices just keep going up and up, they’re still on the more affordable side. I would size up if you’re in between sizes as they do come up small and tight, but I love that they hold you in and lift you up, if you know what I mean. Explore the range here.

The best shorts to wear to the gym from Gymshark
Huge range of colours plus they're thick and figure-hugging

Aim’n Ribbed Mini Biker Short

Rhi is Salt Escapes’ Pilates instructor, and is a big fan of Aim’n for her Pilates and low-intensity workouts. Their shorts are sculpting and ribbed, and come in a range of gorgeous neutral and earthy colours. I can attest to the fact that she looks great and gets a thousand compliments every time I see her in Aimn. View the range here.

The best shorts for workouts and Pilates from Aim'n
Perfect set for Pilates or a walk

Adanola Ultimate Crop Shorts

Rosie is Salt Escapes’ Pilates instructor, and is loving Adanola for their versatility as she moves through a busy life of teaching Pilates and acting. Their shorts have a higher waistline, and are compressive but lightweight, so perfect for a Pilates class followed by a breakfast date with friends. Have a scroll here.

The best workout shorts from Adanola
Olive green is a winner

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