Partner Workout

Grab a friend and blow off some steam as you sweat your way through this AMRAP partner workout.

November 17, 2023

Spice level: 🌶️🌶️🌶️


On Salt Escapes fitness retreats we are big fans of partner workouts. Sweating your way through a workout with a teammate that works at a similar pace to you, or that has strengths in a different area to you, is great for motivation and accountability. You Go, I Go partner workouts, have the added benefit of giving you dedicated rest time whilst your partner continues the work, and vice versa, meaning you can cheer each other on and shout some words of encouragement whilst you rest. That is of course, if you can catch your breath.

This partner workout is designed as a sprint session, so we want you to be pushing yourself to around 80-90% of your max heart rate when you’re the one working, then really focusing on your breath and trying to bring your heart rate back down whilst your partner works and you rest.

Whilst we don’t have access to ergs on our fitness retreats (sadly they don’t travel well - you know if we could squeeze them in a suitcase, we would), we’re hoping you have access to at least one or two of them in your local gym, so you can give this workout a go. We’ve programmed a bike erg and a ski erg for this workout, but if you have access to a rower, that works too.

There are four 8-minute AMRAPs. AMRAP means As Many Rounds As Possible, so here you’ll complete as many rounds as you can in your 8 minute time cap. The rounds are You Go, I Go, so let’s take AMRAP 1 as an example. You will start work whilst your partner rests, and complete the 2 exercises listed (300m bike + 10 wall balls) as quickly as possible. If it’s possible, try to set up your area in the gym so you can jump off the bike, and move straight into the wall balls. You want to go all out here, getting your work done as quickly as you can, then resting whilst your partner goes for their turn. Once they finish, you’re up again, and you’ll both keep working through rounds like this until 8 minutes is up.

Take a 1-2 minute rest whilst you set up for the next block, and then get stuck in!

Now go get your workout buddy and get to it.

The workout

4 x 8 minute AMRAPs

Partner You Go, I Go

Block 1: 8 minute AMRAP

300m bike erg  + 10 wall balls

Block 2: 8 minute AMRAP

150/200m ski or row erg + 8 burpees

Block 3: 8 minute AMRAP

200m run + 6 DB hang clean and press

Block 4: 8 minute AMRAP

10 DB thrusters + 4 DB devils press

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