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We’ve hand-picked and explored paradise destinations around the world and turned them all into a feel-good week of workouts, adventures and relaxation. Explore them all below, to help decide which of our destinations is right for you.

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Get ready to sweat, surf and relax on the magical island of Bali, where we'll spend a week training overlooking the ocean, recovering with hot and cold therapy, swimming and snorkelling on Boat Day in Nusa Lembongan and enjoying fresh, delicious chef-cooked meals.

Week 1: 6th - 12th October 2024


Get ready to work up a sweat on the glittering island of Ibiza, swim in the crystal clear waters of the Balearics, hike magical coastline trails to hidden beaches, and enjoy some of the most mouth-watering Mediterranean food you'll ever eat.

Date Options:
Week 1: 1st - 7th September 2024 (FEMALE SOLD OUT)
Week 2: 8th - 14th September 2024 (FEMALE SOLD OUT)
Week 3: 15th - 21st September 2024 (LAST ROOMS)
Week 4: 22nd - 28th September 2024


Work up a sweat under the Mediterranean sun, swim in crystal clear waters from the shores of secluded beaches, hike through pine forests dotted along spectacular coastline, and taste some of the freshest farm-to-table food you'll ever eat.

Date Options:
Week 1: 9th - 16th June 2024 (SOLD OUT)
Week 2: 16th - 23rd June 2024 (SOLD OUT)
Week 3: 1st - 8th September 2024 (NEW)


Discover hidden beaches, swim in the bluest water you’ve ever laid eyes on, and workout under the Greek sun on the original Salt Escape.

Running + Fitness Retreats:
Week 6: 21st - 27th July 2024 (NEW)

Fitness Retreats:
Week 1: 19th - 25th May 2024 (SOLD OUT)
Week 2: 26th May - 1st June 2024 (SOLD OUT)
Week 3: 30th June - 6th July 2024 (SOLD OUT)
Week 4: 7th - 13th July 2024 (SOLD OUT)
Week 5: 14th - 20th July 2024 (SOLD OUT)

Costa Rica

Work up a sweat on beautiful beaches, adventure through lush jungle to epic waterfalls, surf and swim in the crystal-clear Pacific, and soak up golden, glowing sunsets surrounded by friends in magical Costa Rica.

Date Options:
Week 1: 14th - 20th April 2024 (SOLD OUT)
Week 2: 28th April - 4th May 2024 (SOLD OUT)

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