About the workouts

Ready to sweat?

We program two workouts a day (most days) into our Escape week itinerary, plus a daily recovery session (yoga, Pilates). All of these workouts will be designed and delivered by our Salt Coaches.

You can expect to get stuck into a range of workout styles - from full-body conditioning to functional team-based workouts for a little extra fun and competition. We'll also hit some partnered boxing to work on your co-ordination and agility, some running to tick off the endurance work, and we'll throw in some extra little surprises to get you working on strategy and teamwork, but mostly just having a laugh.

All our workouts are designed to be challenging but adaptable for different fitness levels and any injuries. That being said, having a good base of fitness before coming on an Escape with us is a good idea - this will ensure your body is ready and prepped for a full week of workouts. This doesn't mean you need to be an athlete or a gym-bunny, just that you're aware of how to move your body, have a regular exercise routine established, and overall, that you're game to get stuck in to whatever we throw at you.

Two guys doing a pairs workout with kettlebells on Salt Escapes fitness retreat in Bali

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