About the adventures

We've got an adventurous side

We've quad-biked across the Marrakech desert, hiked and abseiled waterfalls in Costa Rica, explored the aqua-coloured coastlines of Greece, Italy and Spain, and surfed palm-tree lined beaches in the Caribbean.

We always scope out the best adventures each of our destinations has to offer, far-away from anything touristy, so that you get to experience the true magic of our Escape locations.

Throughout the course of a week we'll typically include two activities (e.g. a coastal hike and Boat Day) meaning that there's still plenty of time for you to kick back with a good book at the villa, head out for some solo time, or hang by the pool with your new mates.

Three speed boats side by side and group of people swimming in turquoise-coloured sea in Paros, Greece

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