About our guests

like-minded travellers

We created Salt Escapes for like-minded people, who have a keen interest in travel, adventures, health, fitness, or a combo of all the above.

Most of our guests are in their 30s and come solo, some come with a partner, others with a bestie or two - all leave with new friends for life.

Every aspect of our Escape weeks are carefully curated to encourage friendship, community and unforgettable experiences - from the team workouts to the room allocations, and from the group dinners to the adventures.

Previous guests have called our Escape weeks 'life-changing' (go read for yourself on Google). It's a big statement, but we truly believe that after a week with us, you'll leave with an extra bit of confidence in yourself; feeling an extra bit more motivated in your training and recovery; with an extra bit of inspiration for more adventures and fun; and of course, with an extra few friends.

A bunch of like-minded solo travellers on a group adventure trip hiking along the coastline in Menorca, as part of Salt Escapes fitness retreat

Salt Escapes

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