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Dedicated recovery is not something many of us make a lot of time for in regular life, but on a Salt Escapes fitness retreat, we do R&R in abundance. Whilst our workouts are challenging, we factor in plenty of downtime as well as guided, targeted recovery sessions, to leave you feeling refreshed throughout the week, and utterly relaxed come home time.

On every Salt week, we bring one of our recovery team to lead your daily hour-long guided sessions of either yoga or Pilates. These sessions are designed in harmony with your workouts, so will target sore, tight muscles, and are programmed to be a slow flow on the mat, allowing you time to stretch, breathe and feel re-energised. These classes will also help bring awareness to your posture, breath, flexibility, and core, and will teach you foundational movements to help your strength and mobility in workouts, as well as in everyday life.

If you've never tried yoga or Pilates before, or feel you're not very flexible or mobile, don't worry! The majority of our guests are in the same boat, but their feedback is always about how great they felt afterwards and how needed it was in between workouts. Our instructors will be there to guide you every step of the way, and are kind, engaging and fun. And like everything else on a Salt Escapes week, these sessions are optional, and if you'd rather sit one out and soak up some rays instead, that's perfectly fine.

A yoga instructor holding a pose in front of a retreat villa on Salt Escapes fitness retreat in Greece on Paros island

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