Round Up: The Best Training and Running Shoes

If you're serious about your fitness and love working out, chances are you take what you put on your feet seriously. We've put together a short round-up of the shoes we love to train and run in. Scroll for happy feet.

November 24, 2023
A couple in the gym wearing Reebok Nano training shoes, best for functional training

Following on from Amy’s round up of her favourite gym shorts last week (if you missed it, click here), we’re back with another training gear round up, but this time, it’s all about training shoes. Sales are still on for Black Friday, and absolutely none of this is sponsored (we just really care about your feet, ankles, knees!), so if you’ve been on the hunt for some good training or running shoes, keep scrolling and happy shopping!



The perfect shoe for workouts that ask you to run, jump, lift, throw weights and yourself around. As Reebok state on their website, “believe it or not there’s a training shoe that you can actually run in”. These shoes have the stability to lift, but also the softness to run and jump. We’re not sure what we used to do without them. Actually we do. We used to either bounce around but feel unstable in shoes designed for running, or feel flat-footed and stiff in lifting shoes.

For anyone that loves functional training, whether it’s F45, Crossfit, or anything similar, these shoes will be a game-changer for your workouts.

We first tried out the Reebok nano X2 last year, and have been obsessed with them ever since. It’s time for a refresh, so we just ordered ourselves the X3.

As far as Salt Escapes workouts go, we run, we lift and everything in between, and we highly recommend these shoes for our style of workout.

To shop Reebok Nano's, click here.

Reebok Nano shoes in the best training shoe round up
Reebok Nano X3


Cross-fitters love NoBull, and the Trainer+ is a versatile training shoe with added cushioning for high-impact workouts, making it great for squatting, jumping, lifting and climbing. The toe box is narrower than some other shoes, so not the best choice if you have wide feet.

To shop NoBull's, click here.

NoBull training shoes in the best training shoe round up
NoBull Trainer+


These used to be Mike’s go-to for his workouts, but the addition of a plastic heel limited it’s use in sessions where there’s any running involved (unless you want to sound like a horse). That being said, the plastic heel with its elevation lends to a really stable base that is great for any heavy lifts or barbell work.

To shop Nike Metcon, click here.

Nike shoes in our best training shoe round up
Nike Metcon



Hoka originally started as a trail-running company, and in keeping with its origins, the base of their shoes are super-wide, which lends well to aiding lateral stability. Amy has been running in the Clifton shoe for a couple of years, and finds them super breathable, light and supportive. The Cliftons are described as more of an every-day running shoe, so if you’re looking to go longer distances or take part in races, we’d recommend the Mach 5 or the Carbon X3.

To shop Hoka, click here.

Hoka running shoes in our round up of the best running shoes
Hoka Clifton


Breathable, supportive and fast. These running shoes provide options for all foot widths (good for Mike and his giant flippers). The foam has lots of bounce and is very supportive, and has been designed in a way that prevents the rolling commonly seen in ultra-squishy shoes. These are Mike’s go-to for running at the moment.

To shop New Balance, click here.

New Balance running shoes in our round up of the best running shoes
New Balance Fresh Foam


A good variety of colour-ways, and similar to the New Balance as above with loads of squish and breathability. These are fast, have a variety of widths and the design of the upper conforms well to the shape of the foot. Mike found these to be less stable than the New Balance.

To shop Aasics, click here.

Aasics running shoes in our round up of the best running shoes
Aasics Gel Nimbus

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