What Happens On A Fitness Retreat?

Previous guests have called our Escape weeks 'life-changing' (go read for yourself on Google). It's a big statement, but we truly believe that after a week with us, you'll leave with an extra bit of confidence in yourself; feeling an extra bit more motivated on your fitness journey; with an extra bit of inspiration for more adventures; and of course, with a few extra friends.

September 18, 2023
Aerial view of a yoga class taking place next to a swimming pool and a garden filled with palm trees in Indonesia

Not to toot our own horn, but we think we’ve created the perfect holiday. For those of you who love meeting new people, exploring epic places, and taking care of yourself through fitness, food and wellness, Salt Escapes was invented for you. Read on to learn how we curate our Escape weeks to hit the perfect balance of all the things you love. 


We travel the world to handpick villas that combine the perfect amount of luxury, fun and Salt-iness. Whichever Escape week you join us on, your villa accommodation is guaranteed to have beautiful, spacious interiors, huge outdoor spaces for workouts, an epic pool and jaw-dropping views. Our villas will always be away from tourist centres, resorts and hustle & bustle, to guarantee you a relaxing retreat week, but will be close enough to some true gems of the area, like incredible beaches, hikes, coastal runs and waterfalls. Wherever possible, we book villas close to the sea, because well, that's where we like to be.

On top of that, we ensure all our villas have a variety of room types for you to choose from. So, if you’re joining us as a solo traveller, you can choose one of our great shared room options, or you can splash out on a double bedroom all to yourself. Alternatively, if you’re booking with your other-half or best friend as some of our guests do, there’s always spacious doubles and master doubles to choose from. The villas we choose become your home for the week, and the base from which you'll make some incredible memories and find life-long friends, so we promise you, we always choose wisely!


We created Salt Escapes for like-minded people in their 20s-40s, who have a keen interest in travel, adventures, fitness, and meeting new people. Most of our guests come solo, some come with a partner, others with a friend or two - all leave with new friends for life. 

Every aspect of our Escape weeks are carefully curated to encourage friendship, community and unforgettable experiences - from the team workouts to the room allocations, and from the group dinners to the adventures. Previous guests have called our Escape weeks 'life-changing' (go read for yourself on Google). It's a big statement, but we truly believe that after a week with us, you'll leave with an extra bit of confidence in yourself; feeling an extra bit more motivated in your training and recovery; with an extra bit of inspiration for more adventures and fun; and of course, with a few extra friends.


We've quad-biked across the Marrakech desert, hiked and abseiled waterfalls in Costa Rica, explored the aqua-coloured coastlines of Greece, Italy and Spain, and surfed palm-tree lined beaches in the Caribbean.

We always scope out the best adventures each of our destinations has to offer, far-away from anything touristy, so that you get to experience the true magic of our Escape locations. Throughout the course of a week we'll typically include two activities (e.g. a coastal hike and Boat Day) meaning that there's still plenty of time for you to kick back with a good book at the villa, head out for some solo time, or hang by the pool with your new mates.


We program two workouts a day (most days) into our Escape week itinerary, plus a daily recovery session (yoga, Pilates). All of these workouts are designed and delivered by our Salt Coaches. You can expect to get stuck into a range of workout styles - from full-body conditioning to functional team-based workouts for a little extra fun and competition. We'll also hit some partnered boxing to work on your co-ordination and agility, some running to tick off the endurance work, and we'll throw in some extra little surprises to get you working on strategy, teamwork and mostly just having a laugh.

All our workouts are designed to be challenging but adaptable for different fitness levels and any injuries. That being said, having a good base of fitness before coming on an Escape with us is a good idea - this will ensure your body is ready and prepped for a full week of workouts. This doesn't mean you need to be an athlete or a gym-bunny, just that you're aware of how to move your body, have a regular exercise routine established, and overall, that you're game to get stuck in to whatever we throw at you.


Trust us when we say you will never go hungry on Salt Escapes! We don’t believe in diets, calorie-counting, juice cleanses or detoxes, so you won’t find any of that on a week with us. We book only the best (tried & tested) private chefs for our Escape weeks, who will cook up brekkies, lunches and dinners of fresh, nutritious, delicious food that we’ll enjoy together as a group. You’ll be training hard in the workouts, so we’ll make sure you have plenty of food to refuel. We can cater to any dietary requirements, and we’ll get all this info from you in the lead up to your Escape. We serve all our meals buffet-style, meaning there'll be loads of dishes full of colour and variety for you to choose from.

PS. Yes, you can absolutely go back for seconds.


Mike and Amy are the Founders and hosts of Salt Escapes. They are qualified Trainers and before Salt Escapes, owned and operated a gym in central London. They have been hosting fitness retreats around the world for 5 years, so they know a thing or two about designing the perfect week of fitness and adventures. On every Escape week, we bring either a yoga or a Pilates instructor to look after you for all things recovery. We work with the same few instructors, who are not only experienced and talented at what they do, but also get involved in every part of the week, co-hosting alongside Mike and Amy. Likewise, we work with the same few chefs who we know deliver the absolute best food, flying them out to our Escape locations from either London, Sydney or the US.


With everything planned and our A-team in place, we're ready to give you the best, most feel-good week of your life! For a closer look at a day-today itinerary on Salt Escapes, visit our destinations page here, select your chosen destination, and have a scroll. We can't wait to meet you in paradise.

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